Carpet Stretching

Carpet re-stretching is one of the essential services that we offer to our customers. Carpet re-stretching is the only way to get those ripples, bumps, and bulges out of your carpet.

Other carpet repair companies might try to tell you otherwise, but it is not true.  A truly professional carpet repair company uses the proper tools to get the job done the first time. This is why Boise Carpet Repair & Cleaning only uses a power stretcher to repair your carpet.

What Is A Power Stretcher?

A power stretcher is a tool we use to stretch your carpet to the edge of a room to attach it to a tack strip. This is the only way to install carpet correctly.

Many carpets today are installed incorrectly due to lack of knowledge or pure laziness. There are carpet installers out there who will install your carpet but won’t use a power stretcher because they know that the average customer has no idea what a power stretcher is or why it is needed.

We do everything by the book because we value you and our reputation as an honest business that takes care of its customers.

How Do I Know When I Need My Carpet Re-Stretched?

There is a simple test that you can perform now as we speak. Just follow these three steps:

  • Pinch your carpet
  • Pull up
  • Let go

When you let go if your carpet snaps back into place your carpet does not need a carpet re-stretching. If your carpet looks like a parachute floating back down to the ground, it is time for a carpet re-stretching.

We use a power stretcher on all of our carpet re-stretching repairs. This guarantees that your carpet will look great for years to come.

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