Carpet to Tile Transition

Carpet to tile transitions can be found in homes all over America. What isn’t there to love about carpet and tile together?

Carpet is great when you want to walk around your home barefoot.

Tile is great because it is easy to clean and the lifespan of tile is much longer than carpet. That being said, the merger of the two can look bad if not installed correctly.

Boise Carpet Repair & Cleaning has the solutions to your carpet to tile transition problem. Depending on your carpet to tile transition issue, it can be fixed by us with the following solutions.

Our Repair Solutions

Tack Strips: Carpet that is flush with the tile will need a carpet re-stretch to repair the issue. This will guarantee a smooth drum tight transition from carpet to tile.

Rubber Reducers: Our commercial clients use this solution. We replace your worn out rubber reducers with new ones when your old ones fail.  New rubber reducers will enhance the safety of your workplace.

Transition Strips: These come in three different styles, rubber, wood and metal. Transition strips provide a smooth joint between carpet and other types of flooring.

Our carpet repair solutions will make your life easier and will make your home look amazing.  Call the carpet care professionals at Boise Carpet Repair & Cleaning today at 208-565-2653 to schedule an appointment.